With our expertise in drone automation, we will work with your team in concept analysis, hardware/software module selection, payload selection, and in arriving at the final specs. A good architecture design could help save a lot of precious time and effort, that would otherwise be wasted in iterations.

Building a commercial drone application is complex. You are dealing with a number of issues, both in hardware and software. Some of the important decisions include, overall architecture of onboard, web/mobile and cloud components of your drone application, integration between these components, authentication/security, hardware selection based on processing, connectivity and storage requirements, etc.


Custom design ability including 3D CAD design of airframe, canopy and payload mounts. Thrust and flight time calculation including testing of key components

Add custom sensors to the drone according to your business needs. We will design mechanical mount and power supply

Sensor Integration

We know that not every project is the same and that you may be in need of additional sensors to get the right kind of data. We've got you covered. Our UAV platforms can be outfitted with additional sensors or we carry a specific sensor for a specific job.

FAA Regulations

FAA regulations can be tough to navigate. The regulations have changed a lot since we opened our business over three years ago. We know first-hand how to work in controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

Consulting & Training

Need help integrating UAVs into your business? Our team of experienced aviators and drone pilots are ready to help you reach success in your next project. Let us know what you need help with.

Schedule a training session with our team and we will get your business up to date on the latest drone technology.

Project Development & Management

Our team can help you plan, schedule, and manage your next project with the use of UAVs. We gather high quality data that provides a greater level of insight into all aspects of the project lifecycle. Contact our experienced team of unmanned experts to get started.

Research & Development

Our engineers are always pushing the boundaries of new technology to stay ahead of the curve and provide more solutions to the markets we serve. We have strategic partnerships with UAV manufacturers to enhance our capability. Our team has years of experience in aviation technology. Every project has specific requirements and we strive to be flexible when it comes to meeting project requirements in any way.

Data Visualization

UAV technology is revolutionary and everyone at AirShark enjoys being able to put this technology to use. What we have realized however is that many of our clients desire a more robust way to visulize and analyze the data that we collect. So in order to help the companies that we do, we offer a variety of data visualization tools and custom software solutions. Talk to one of our UAV professionals for more information.

Software Integration

We realize that not everyone works the way we do, to help you get the most from the data we collect we can adapt our process of collecting imagery and data to fit your internal workflow. Whether you need your GIS data to be in a specific format or if you need your images to be georectified, we've got you covered. Talk to us for more information.

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