Compliant Pilot ground school and field training


Compliant Pilot ground school and field training


Compliant Pilot  ground school course

 Is designed to

Fulfill the criteria for a "Compliant Pilot of Small UAV System"

Educate the pilot/operator about the "system of aviation" in Canada.

Create a better understanding with Transport Canada Inspectors in regards to Special Flight Operations Certificate applications.

This course covers all of the topics found in the Transport Canada "Recommended Knowledge Requirements for less than 25 kg, Visual Line of Sight Guide TP 15263".

Air Law and Procedures

Commercial Air Services

UAV operations and requirements


Pilot decision making and human factors


Weather services

Flight planning

Airspace and Aerodromes

Aeronautical radio operators certificate

Includes 24 hours of course material including video, presentations, quizzes, and examination. 

Also includes 16 hrs of field time with the UAV'S

On the successful completion of the course a certificate of completion will be issued.

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