Automated Aeronautics AUAS-02 Professional UAV Pilot Training


Automated Aeronautics AUAS-02 Professional UAV Pilot Training


19 hour Professional UAV Pilot Course

Course Summary

Classroom time includes an overview of Transport Canada’s rules and regulations so that you know how and when to fly legally in Canada. After that we take an in-depth look at various UAV uses as well as currently available UAV systems and platforms. Finally, we move into preparing for an actual day of UAV flying where you will hone your skills as a UAV pilot!

Field work includes hands-on training where you will learn and practice completing  a site survey, pre-flight checklists, file a Notice to Airman (NOTAM), check for other NOTAMs in the area, site safety and security, emergency plans/checklists, plans for landing the UAV in the event of system and/or sensor malfunctions, the responsibilities of various crew members, manual flying skills using our UAV’s, programming and completing autonomous flights, basic photography and video techniques, best practices for acquiring survey data, post flight recording and documentation as well as UAV vehicle and battery maintenance.

Pre-Flight Training

June 8, 6-9 PM 516 Hurricane Dr. Springbank Ariport, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Mission evaluation, site selection, planning, safety & compliance

UAV assembly, pre-flight and maintenance procedures

Log books, Pilot, organization, UAV

Human Factors

UAV flight practice on flight Simulator


Pilot Training

June 9&10, 9AM-5PM Near Springbank Airport (CYBW)

Compliance best practices

Site selection and Set-up

Safety and Security

Basic Flight Maneuvers

Advanced Flight Maneuvers

Emergency Maneuvers

Air & Ground Incursion Responses

Handling system failures and fly-away

Mapping and autonomous flight

Aerial photography and video work

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Suite 201, 516 Hurricane Dr. Springbank Airport, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3Z 3S8 T. 844-800-2376